Crozet Creamery

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Crozet Creamery opened in February 2017.  It is located inside Piedmont Place and owned by two couples, Kay and Greg Slater and Megan and Jonathan Kauffmann. Having been open for almost two years now, Crozet Creamery has hugely impacted the community. Their friendly staff and delicious ice cream leave people with smiles on their faces. Everything Crozet Creamery has to offer is freshly made, with plenty of dietary friendly options such as nut and dairy free. When asked what they would like people to know about Crozet Creamery, Store manager Erik Schetlik said “We are a small business that loves serving the tight knit community of Crozet (and beyond). Ice cream time is family time for us and we can't say enough about all of the families, from in and around Crozet, we have met over the past year and a half, and will continue to meet in years to come.  We always promise to offer a high quality product with a smile and also keep a ever changing selection of fresh flavors to keep our customers interested and engaged!”

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Erik Schetlick, store manager, is the mastermind behind the unique flavors of ice cream. Choosing the flavors depends on variety of factors. Often, flavors are seasonal or holiday based. The Crozet Creamery uses farm fresh ingredients to create their unique flavors. Erik gets fresh fruits such as berries and peaches from the Critzer and Henley farms. The owners and Erik brainstorm unique flavors that they think the customers will enjoy. Of course, they also offer fan favorites such as birthday cake and cookies n cream.

Once each month Crozet Creamery will have community scoop nights. 100% of tips go to the organization. The Scoop nights have helped benefit Western Albemarle High School and Henley Sports and Fine arts as well as the local fire department. They have also had silent auction raffle at local elementary school Meriwether Lewis to create a flavor.  Erik took the girl’s inspiration and they brainstormed a flavor together.

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Making the ice cream is quite the process. Erik starts by making a base consisting of milk, cream, sugar, and stabilizers. That takes about two hours to cook and cool. After you have a base flavor you mix in the flavors and put it in a machine for ten to fifteen minutes. One batch of ice cream makes about three gallons of ice cream. They make about six to nine batches on their most popular flavors, and fewer for the seasonal flavors.

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Crozet Creamery is more than your average ice-cream shop. They are an unique and inventive establishment that the town of crozet is lucky to call their own. Crozet Creamery is open to everyone no matter what area you live in.

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Written By: Addisyn Toll