Making Progress: A Look at the Latest Developments for the Barnes Lumber Site

Here is the latest progress update for the Downtown Crozet Initiative (DCI), which was shared during the DCI Committee's monthly meeting on 12/17:

o   A general road layout for all phases of the project has been reviewed by the DCI committee, the CCAC and the county. The roads create a block structure for downtown that can be built over time. While the new road plans are not completely consistent with the Crozet Master Plan, the community and the county have indicated their support. The developer will provide additional perspective drawings in January. Planning efforts for Phase 1, including the downtown plaza, will begin in January.

o   The developer, Crozet New Town Associates/Milestone Partners, plans to re-submit a revised re-zoning application for Phase 1 of the redevelopment project in January.

o   An updated traffic study for Phase 1 of the site has been completed and will be submitted with the Phase 1 re-zoning application.

o   In conjunction with the re-zoning application, the developer will request an amendment of the current zoning proffers for a portion of the remaining property to allow for certain uses like parking, research and development that are desirable for downtown but aren’t currently allowed under the heavy industrial zoning in place on the Barnes site.

o   Phase 1 of the plan includes a minimum of 37,000 sq.-ft. of commercial/retail space and 37,000 sq.-ft. of office or residential space. Phase 1 will also include reservation for a mixture of space for a downtown plaza/park/civic area that will be dedicated for public use.

We will continue to share updates as soon as they are available. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Here’s to hoping for a successful 2016!