May 12 Meeting Re-Cap

The Downtown Crozet Initiative and members of the Crozet community met on Thursday to discuss the status of projects related to the development of the Barnes Lumber area in downtown Crozet, as well as next steps. Here is a re-cap:

  • Developer Frank Stoner of Milestone Partners/Crozet New Town Associates reported to the group that a phase 1 rezoning was submitted to the County on April 4. There were no special use permits requested; everything fell within the current Crozet Master Plan and Downtown Crozet District Zoning Code.

    • Frank received comments back from the County and is meeting with VDOT and the County on May 24th.

    • The issues are as follows:

    1. Road Network – The County would like a grid network of roads, but cannot yet support the connections necessary for the grid to function well. These include a connection to 240 and a second connection onto Hill Top Street.

    2. Sewer – There may not be adequate capacity for the development. The ACSA is working on a study to identify remaining capacity and a plan to upgrade capacity, but the timing for the upgrade has not been firmly established.

    3. Road Design – Some roads will need to be private because the parking patterns are not consistent with VDOT requirements. Public road alignments and final design will occur during siteplan review.

    4. Traffic - The Library Avenue and Three Notch'd Road intersections will fail by 2029, with or without the Barnes Lumber development. A plan and funding are needed to address these intersections.

    • Milestone plans to address County comments and resubmit in early June.

    • A Planning Commission meeting date will be set after review of Milestone's responses. The meeting date is likely to be sometime in July or August.

    • It will probably be September or October before it’s brought before the Board of Supervisors.

  • Phase 1 Engineering - Starting to tackle storm water and utilities.

  • A Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued on May 5 to several local landscape architecture firms, plus some regional firms, for conceptual designs for a minimum of 28,000 sq. ft. for the civic space/plaza.

    • The due date for responses is May 27.

    • The group is hoping to have at least five firms respond.

    • The DCI Committee will meet in June to review RFP proposals. A final selection will be made in mid- to late-June.

  • The DCI Committee is a sub-committee of the Crozet Community Association (CCA). The DCI committee is requesting that the CCA apply for a 501(c)3 designation for grant purposes.

    • The DCI committee would like to apply for several grants for the civic space/plaza, including VHDA.

    • The group is seeing grant writers. Please email if interested.

Next Steps

  • The DCI committee is planning a Town Hall Meeting to review the design options from the selected landscape architecture firm and help select a final design by late September.

  • The DCI committee also is planning a Fall event to unveil the final design and kick-off a capital campaign to help fund the civic space/plaza.

  • A Phase 1 site plan will be developed late 2016 or early 2017.

  • The developer is hoping to start construction the 2nd or 3rd quarter 2017.