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Get Involved with the Downtown Crozet Initiative

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The Downtown Crozet Initiative Steering Committee is a volunteer organization whose primary goal is to promote economic vitality downtown and advocate on behalf of the Crozet community for the creation of a new central plaza/park area on the Barnes Lumber property. The group is working with the developer, Crozet New Town Associates/Milestone Partners, the county, local business owners and residents/land owners in Crozet to help plan, gather community input and determine resources needed for the design and construction of the plaza area.

The group meets monthly, typically at the Crozet Library. Anyone is welcome to attend and observe these meetings; they are open to the public. Specifically, the committee is seeking Crozetians who have experience with or are currently:

o   Urban design/planning

o   Landscape architecture

o   Construction

o   Grant writing

o   Fundraising

o   Local/downtown business owners

o   Parkside Village residents

o   Claudius Crozet Park board members

More information about the Steering Committee can be found on this page. 

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 7, at 12 p.m. at the Crozet Library.

If you are interested in becoming an active member of this group, please email us at