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Who Is Crozet? That's What We're Aiming to Answer

Who Is Crozet? That's What We're Aiming to Answer

As Crozet evolves, it is important to communicate a clear and distinct identity that celebrates the unique characteristics and future goals of the community. Who is Crozet, and what do we want it to become? Those are two important questions we plan to tackle in the coming months. And, we’re asking for the community’s help.

Why A Plaza for Downtown Crozet?

Bellingham, WA

Bellingham, WA

Why has so much time and effort been spent on developing a plaza for downtown Crozet? After researching many successful small towns across America, reviewing key studies on what it takes to build prosperous communities, and speaking with countless industry experts and advisors, one thing was apparent: the most successful small towns in America have a town “center,” the heart of the community. 

Crozet is already a wonderful community that has captured the hearts of everyone who lives, works, and visits here. But, downtown could BE and offer so much more. The plaza will serve as the catalyst for what will be an even more vibrant and successful downtown. It will help Crozet attract the types of local businesses that will enhance everything that we love about our charming and quirky little community. Imagine kids running around playing games as you quietly enjoy your coffee from the park bench, friends meeting up at an outdoor café surrounding the plaza, outdoor events with food trucks and live music, movies under the stars…the possibilities are endless.


Input and support from the entire community is vital to ensuring that downtown grows organically and retains the uniqueness that we’re all working to achieve. In order to attract and keep the types of businesses the community has requested: local cafes, restaurants, retail shops, a boutique hotel, and new industry (likely tech-based businesses), we need to keep rent rates affordable. To do this, the developer cannot solely fund the plaza. If he does, guess where he’s going to recoup that cost? Rent rates.

The developer, Frank Stoner, is donating the land, but the County and our community need to play a part in creating the space. Since Crozet has been designated a growth area by the County, it’s our job to make sure that when this growth occurs, it’s done in a way that will preserve everything we love about Crozet while ensuring it’s a success.

We’re seeking as much input from the community as possible. If you’re interested in joining us to help revitalize downtown Crozet and make this plaza a reality, please email us at

Design Concepts for Crozet Community Plaza

Did you miss the chance to review the Crozet plaza design concepts at the event? No worries. We've included them here! Which one is your favorite? What aspects of each do you like/dislike? We welcome any and all feedback. You can leave a comment or email us at 


Crozet Plaza Design A

Crozet Plaza Design A


Crozet Plaza Design B

Crozet Plaza Design B


DCI Design & Dine Event: Mark Your Calendars

Join us for the Design & Dine Event!

Thursday, Dec. 8
4:30 pm - 7:30 pm Open House
Piedmont Place

Come give input on the future Crozet community plaza! Join us to view and share your thoughts on three (3) conceptual plaza designs. Water features? Outdoor seating? Covered event spaces? We'd like to hear from you.

While you're there...

Catch a sneak peek of Piedmont Place before its official grand opening.
Enjoy free bites and brews from Smoked BBQ, Morsel Compass and Starr Hill Brewery.
Visit the Carelsen family at their new Crozet Bicycle Shop.

To RSVP for the event, visit the event Facebook page or email us at