A Boutique Hotel for Downtown Crozet

The quaint Chamberlin Inn in Cody, Wyoming

The quaint Chamberlin Inn in Cody, Wyoming

Some of you may have heard recently that a boutique hotel has expressed interest in building during Phase 1 of the Downtown Crozet Initiative. This is true! In fact, developers have had multiple meetings with the interested party. Of course, nothing will be built until major infrastructural challenges, including parking and traffic flow, and a Phase 1 plan for the site have been addressed and approved. But, once all of this happens (hopefully in 2016), the hope is the hotel will break ground soon after.

The idea of a boutique hotel was discussed during Crozet community meetings. Many of you expressed views that a hotel would provide a great opportunity to create greater independence from Charlottesville, making Crozet more than just another bedroom community. Here are some additional thoughts on a small hotel in Downtown Crozet:

  • Hotels have the ability to add constant vitality to a project by drawing guests to the site - and to nearby businesses and restaurants - throughout the day
  • A hotel would support local tourism by providing a place for out-of-town guests to stay who are visiting for local weddings, wine and brewery tours, and other events 
  • A hotel would bring more jobs to the area
  • A hotel's amenities, such as conference rooms and larger event spaces, would be an added benefit for downtown businesses

What do you think about a hotel coming to the area?