The Five Features of Great Public Spaces

Riverwalk. San Antonio, TX. Photo Credit:

Riverwalk. San Antonio, TX. Photo Credit:

The creation of a public park/plaza area in the Barnes Lumber redevelopment is a main focus of the Downtown Crozet Initiative. The group is providing feedback on aspects such as the location and design of the space and also is working to identify and apply for grants for funding. Of course, the main goal of the DCI for the public park/plaza area is to create a dynamic space that will serve many purposes for the community. Ideally, this space will host community events and will be a central location for members of the community to gather on a regular basis. 

So what makes a public space attractive for communities? In a blog post on, the author highlights five features of vibrant public spaces that he's observed in his experience as an economic development advisor and urban planner. In his opinion, a successful public park includes these characteristics:

  1. They are small.
  2. They are surrounded by diversity.
  3. They mix public and private together.
  4. They are centrally located.
  5. They are designed to attract people.

Check out the blog post in full and let us know your thoughts. Agree? Disagree? Have anything to add?