It was not a "Disaster"


On Wednesday December 18, Over the Moon helped celebrate the book release of M.K. England's debut novel, The Disasters. The launch party was held at Crozet Library and a huge turnout came to hear about the book and commemorate England's hard work.

The whole evening was space themed, to go along with the theme of the book. There were beautiful celestially decorated cupcakes and refreshments for all to enjoy. There were twinkle  lights hanging around the room to embrace the extraterrestrial vibe as well.

The night was organized into a discussion and Q & A session with the audience. England wanted to discuss the book with a friend on her panel so it felt more conversational and natural. She asked her friend, Sarah Glenn Marsh, author of Fear of the Drowning Deep and Reign of the Fallen to join her for the night from Richmond.

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The Disasters is a story about a group of misfits who attend an academy in space. The main character, Nax Hall, is considered the “hotshot pilot” of the group. He and his new crew all become witnesses to one of the most controversial crimes ever committed, and they are assigned the blame. As accused scapegoats, Nax and his friends go on many dangerous adventures to clear their name.


England explained her process of how this book came to life. England described her google doc entitled her  “idea dump”. This is where she has kept random inspiration, ideas for characters or fragments of dialogue that she could potentially use in her work. She always had this fascination with space but it was one event that got her to write this book: the Guardians of the Galaxy movie release in the summer of 2015. She said that when she walked out of that movie after all of the excitement and humor, she could finally hear her main characters voice. England explained the importance of being able to hear your characters voices. She also explained her process in organizing her book. She describes herself as a person with a type A personality which helped with her intense planning that went into the books. Before diving into writing, England says that it is important for her to know how the story is going to conclude. “It is a much more emotional adventure for the reader if you know the target you are ending with.”


England talked about her character development and how she drew on aspects of her own life throughout her book. There is one particular character she most relates to in her novel and explained how it is useful to pull ideas from the world around you. One of the aspects England loves most about her novel is the found family aspect in the story. Nax and his friends become so close knit that it is almost like a second family to surround yourself with.

England has another book set to release in 2020, as part of her book deal with her publisher. This next book has no affiliation with The Disasters but England promised that some of the snarky humor would still be displayed in her next novel. After the release of her second book she claimed she might play around with the idea of a companion novel to The Disasters.

You can support England and her book by purchasing it through Crozet’s Over the Moon Bookstore, Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and wherever else books are sold. It is also available in audiobook form. If you would like to know more about M.K. England and her debut novel, The Disasters, more information can be found on her website,

Written By Courtney School