What Books Are You Over The Moon About?


Meet the Over the Moon bookstore

Over the Moon is a bookstore featuring locally and regionally made artisan crafts. They aspire to be a “community resource,” as Ms. Anne DeVault has been in business for the past 8 years. They are located in The Piedmont place. The bookstore holds various events from book signings, to gathering events for new community members. “I want them [Crozet community] to know me for being able to get books and gifts without having to go into Charlottesville.” Quality and accessibility for the Crozet community seemed to be the goal for the bookstore.


Why Crozet?

“I lived here for 23 years and I had a feeling that Crozet was going to grow,” said Ms. DeVault. She continues, saying how she was a teacher for several years before opening Over the Moon. She thought if she waited long enough, Crozet would be ready for Over the Moon. “I love Crozet and having a bookstore is feeling like the store is really part of the community.” When asked if Crozet has grown in her image, she replied in delight, “Oh my gosh. When I moved here, it was mostly orchards and fields. There was very little development and it’s really unrecognizable from what it was then.” She wishes that more people in Crozet knew about the store and the surrounding businesses around her as “there’s so much going on here.”



The bookstore features a wide variety of events such as book signings for local authors, receptions for new people in the community, as well as craft parties for the children. Featured authors would often “read a little bit from their book and then take questions and have a discussion [about their book].” Ms. DeVault has mentioned how she tries to focus on local authors, but occasionally has nationally known ones for the community. Other than the bookstore’s events, Over the Moon has done some collaborations with the businesses around them at Piedmont Place. “We did a little collaboration here [Piedmont Place] when we had a Christmas craft and the smoothie shop had hot chocolate...and we plan to do more," Ms. DeVault said as she expressed her desire to collaborate with other businesses and schools in Crozet.


Future Author Visits

There will be a book party for Kay Pfaltz for her new book, The Things We do, on November 15 at 7:30 PM. She was born and raised in Charlottesville, Virginia and received her bachelor's degree at the University of Virginia before moving to Manhattan to further her career. On December 18 from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, local author, Megan England will be hosting a book launch party at the Crozet Library. She is releasing her debut novel, The Disasters.

For the People

Ms. DeVault has expressed her love for books as she said, “I think every book is a work of art. From everything, from the words on the page, that writer’s vision, the expression, books are often beautifully bound, and the covers are often gorgeous.” However, it was not because of the books that she has stayed in business or in the book industry.

“It was really the people that wanted me to stay in business. Both the customers and people in the industry are so interesting and fun and creative...I love books and I read a lot but the best part of it in terms of the books is recommending the best book for somebody and say, “I know you’ll like this one.”

Message to the community



If you would like to join the Over the Moon community, you can follow their Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/OvertheMoonBookstore, or visit them at their website, https://www.overthemoonbookstore.com/.

Written by: Diana Kim