They Make a Rockin' Cup of Coffee

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Looking for the best espresso in the Charlottesville area?  Well look no further because in our town of Crozet is where you will find it!

Rocket Coffee is Crozet’s newest coffee shop and is the brainchild of Scott Link. According to the owner, “I hear it from our customers, our espresso is the best around”.

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The name, Rocket Coffee, is something that makes it unique. Scott states, “I was looking for something that was catchy and spoke to not necessarily coffee but the ‘perk up’ and ‘pep’ that you get from a refreshing beverage.”  While brainstorming for a name, Scott wanted to avoid all puns and anything that referred to the Blue Ridge or Shenandoah area. After a few weeks, the name Rocket Coffee was born.

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I asked Scott, “What sets Rocket Coffee apart?” Scott replied,  “We have a small line of coffee drinks, only four or five, in order to keep tight control on the quality.”  Rocket Coffee’s aforementioned espresso is a favorite among customers and Scott’s favorite item on the menu. The coffee shop, located right off of 250, is a prime location for commuters headed in and out of Crozet.  Rocket Coffee is also in close proximity to the high school for any students or teachers who need a boost to get through the day.

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An interesting fact about Rocket Coffee, there is no whipped cream served. The reason behind this is that they serve European style coffee which is espresso based.  This type of coffee is not added to the cream, ice, and whipped cream of a frappuccino. By evading the use of all those extra ingredients, Rocket Coffee is able to master the craft of brewing espresso and maintaining a high quality of coffee.  

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The coffee menu consists of brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, americanos, chai lattes, and a variety of iced and hot teas.  Rocket Coffee also offers an assortment of food items such as biscuits, croissants, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and soups. “Our bagels,” Scott claims, “are the best in the world, they come from downtown Manhattan and we get those in weekly.”  The coffee shop will be expanding its breakfast and lunch options by adding quiche, paninis, and new varieties of soup.

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Rocket Coffee offers a range of discounts offered to teachers, uniformed personnel, and people that work in the service business.  Scott explains, “I don’t really offer a student discount but our prices are the best around so we really don’t need to discount things too much.”  

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If your mornings are in need of a boost, you’re looking for a place to get some work done, or you need a great espresso,  Rocket Coffee is the place for you.

For more information, check out their website,  

Blog by Arianna Rocco