"When life is good, make sure you enjoy it"

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Santosha Yoga is a pilates, barre, and yoga studio in Crozet, Virginia. The business was created by Chloe Watkins and Ashley Holland and opened in their Piedmont Place location on January 1, 2017. A year later, they had outgrown their space and moved to a new location in downtown Crozet near Crozet Pizza. The studio has had an overwhelmingly popular response from the community as a great workout option that challenges you, but also reinforces the idea of “being content wherever you find yourself”.

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The idea for the studio began when Watkins and Holland were discussing the need for a yoga studio in Crozet, saying how inconvenient it was to drive into town just to take a class shorter than the total commute. Watkins said “that's when the seed was planted”. The idea flitted around for a while and then a perfect opportunity arose. When Piedmont Place was constructed there was a workout business originally intended to fill the space that dropped out last minute. Watkins called up Holland and they decided this was the time to go for their dream. Watkins said “it was like the universe was saying yeah, just go for it”. They did and were immediately incredibly successful from the start. Considering the limited workout options available in Crozet, it became a staple in the lives of many citizens. The laid back vibe of the studio made it a very no pressure, come as you are experience that really resonated with their crowd. Their new, larger studio, is just as welcoming and cozy. It really makes you excited about working out. Exercising at Santosha is not a dreaded workout but something that you like doing that is just also good for you.

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The studio always planned to expand just beyond yoga and to bring in another exercise option. They wanted to see what their members wanted most and surveyed them. Out of a multitude of options like spinning, HIIT and more, the community said barre was what the most wanted added to their studio. Barre is a mix of pilates, dance and yoga that's more fast paced and coordinated to music to keep you energized. They were happy with this response as they felt barre is most “on par” with yoga.

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Being a small business in Crozet brings you into this tight knit community. Watkins told how she and Holland are close with a bunch of other small business like them and how “It’s important to support one another, so everyone is stronger”. Watkins claims that she and Holland spend most of their time at Greenhouse and are still close with business owners from their old location like Smojo and Morsel Compass. Watkins said “Being a small business is really hard, but really fun”.

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The studio has classes everyday and specialized workshops and series to target specific types of yoga and body parts. Their most exciting upcoming event is their Holiday Cheer event on December 14, at Veritas. This is their second time hosting this event after it’s immense success last year. At 6 p.m. there is an hour long flow yoga class with music from DJ Shanel Ashley at the vineyard and after that is holiday shopping at Lululemons pop-up shop and wine! Tickets are available on their website for $20 and the first 20 to sign up for the event receive a $20 gift card to Lululemon.

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The studio now has about 30 classes a week that vary in type and has a crew of ten different teachers that instruct. Their studio is filled with the kindest and most genuine people that make their classes a highlight of your week.

For more information on Santosha Yoga, check out their site below.


Written by Courtney Schoeb