Wayland's Crossing Tavern Holds History

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The Beginnings of Wayland’s Crossing Tavern

Wayland’s Crossing Tavern opened on October 20, 2017. Since then Wayland’s Crossing has been such an amazing addition to the Crozet community.  Wayland’s Crossing Tavern, a restaurant located in Old Trail, provides a space for family and friends to get together and enjoy incredible food.

The name Wayland’s Crossing has deep roots with the history of Crozet. Up until 1870 the town Of Crozet was named Wayland’s Crossing after a family that owned a plethora of farmland in town. When Claudius Crozet came to town he actually stayed with the Wayland Family. In 1870 it was then renamed to honor Claudius Crozet who designed the Blue Ridge Tunnel.  

Formally, Wayland’s Crossing was the Public West Pub and Oyster Bar, where owner Brian Sewell was a chef. When the space became available, owners Kim Dillon and Brian Sewell started to brainstorm all the possibilities. They knew that this space was perfect to open their restaurant.  They not only loved the space, but also the town it was located in.

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Meet the Owners

Brian Sewell And Kim Dillon are the owners of Wayland’s Crossing Tavern. Kim, owner and general manager, is originally from northern Virginia but has lived in Charlottesville area for the past eight years. Brian, owner and executive chef, is originally from Minnesota but spent seven years in Vermont  before moving to the Charlottesville area.

Brian Sewell is experienced in his craft. He has been working in the culinary arts since the age of 16. He has worked in several restaurants and opened his own tortilla chip company in Vermont. This led him to realize how much he wanted to be a business owner.

Kim Dillon has a background in management and customer service. She is a retired U.S Army Officer and Government civilian. Prior to retirement, Kim was Chief of staff to the Virginia Army National Guard. Then, as a government civilian, she was Chief of Staff of the U.S. National Ground Intelligence Center in Charlottesville. Kim has had a long time dream of opening her own bar.

These two are an unstoppable duo constantly improving their restaurant and working hard for the good of the community.

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Creating the menu

Wayland’s Crossing offers a variety of food and drink options.

When creating the menu some of the recipes are things Kim and Brian  personally enjoy, but the majority of the menu is based on what their customers want. They value their customers feedback and want to make sure that every time someone enters the restaurant they enjoy themselves.

“ We offer fresh homemade food that taste unique and is the best we can produce.”  Kim’s personal favorite is the cottage pie while Brian loves the raw oysters. Fans of the previous establishment, the Public West Pub and Oyster Bar, can even find a taste of the past at Wayland’s Crossing. They kept the familiarity of the seafood especially the fan favorite, raw oysters.

Image courtesy of Wayland’s Crossing

Image courtesy of Wayland’s Crossing

Creating an enjoyable atmosphere

Owners Kim Dillon and Brian Sewell make sure that whoever comes through their doors is taken care of. They offer plenty of vegan,vegetarian, and gluten free options. Wayland’s offers many fun events throughout the year. There is something for everyone to enjoy from tap takeovers, sports nights, board game nights, kids nights, holiday parties, and live music. Wayland’s Crossing offers music on Friday and Saturday nights as well as Sunday mornings. They have solo musicians and duets of many genres come and play jazz, blues, rock, and most frequently Irish music.  

Image courtesy of Wayland’s Crossing

Image courtesy of Wayland’s Crossing

Final Thoughts

Wayland’s Crossing Tavern has a perfect variety of food which is often hard to find. I know how frustrating it can be when a restaurant can not accommodate your dietary restrictions. With Wayland’s it is no problem, everyone is welcome. The Owners and staff are some of the nicest people you will meet and so very welcoming. The atmosphere is invigorating. Whenever you are in there, you are surrounded by smiling faces and people having a good time. You could spend hours listening to music and hanging out with friends and family. Not to mention the food is incredible. You will never be disappointed with any of the delicious options. If you have not been to Wayland’s Crossing Tavern I highly recommend it. It is a spot you certainly don't want to pass up!

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Written By Addisyn Toll