Why Engagement is key to the Growth and Future of Downtown Crozet

As the DCI and the Crozet Community Association work towards the fulfillment of the Crozet Master plan, there are routine meetings and events where anyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.  While the future of Crozet does have a plan, plans evolve, and both the meetings, emails and social pages are meant to keep your informed. 



Reasons why you should engage with the future of Crozet


1.     Have a say in the Crozet Master Plan for the Barnes Lumber site:  To date there is a planned Crozet Plaza for the old Barnes Lumber site.  The space is intended to serve as a place for locals to gather and enjoy fairs, concerts, farmers markets, or simply just time with friends/neighbors.  Attending the meetings where ideas and information about this site are on the agenda, allows you to weigh in and share your insight on behalf of the Crozet community.

2.     Get to know other peers:  Crozet is full of so many amazing people.  Attending the meetings and engaging with other Crozet locals is a great way to network and socialize.  We encourage socializing, hence the Crozet Community Plaza!  Meeting other that share in your vision, or even those that don’t is valuable.  Whether you have a healthy debate or make a new friend, one thing you all may have in common, is your love for Crozet.


The DCI and CCA work to ensure all T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted.  They want to embrace the culture of Crozet, while overseeing and standing behind the future growth.  If you live in Crozet, or care about the town for any other reason, besides being a current resident, we invite you to stay connected.  We want to know your thoughts, opinions and what you would like to see (or not see) as the town blossoms. 


Follow us on Facebook, sign up for our emails and be sure to attend future meetings and check out the past agendas, and notes that are online